Kudos to C.F.Moller since they won a competition for a new building for the Icelandic bank, Landsbankinn.
It´s always a thrill to have the opportunity to search the good angles for such an exciting design.
The raw Icelandic nature, the basic language of the volcanic basalt stone, the horizontal layers of the rock, and the atmosphere of the caves and clefts have been a source of inspiration in the design of the project.The building is intended to be a house for the whole city, looking to connect with Reykjavik’s citizens and historic urban fabric. Internally, the bank’s office spaces are placed into four complex houses. The different houses come together to function as one rational building, adapted to the site and oriented towards key views to the sea, Harpa Concert Hall and Arnarhóll Park, a significant gathering place in Reykjavik. The two tallest houses host internal atria, ensuring daylight deep into the structure, with the two lowest houses providing ample glazing and connections to external terraces and gardens.
The internal organization of the building is aligned with Landsbankinn’s vision of a living and outward-looking public realm which interacts with and includes the entire city. The majority of the public functions are located on the ground floor and along the building’s façade, activating a new pedestrian street leading to Harpa Concert Hall. Internally, a sheltered public passage links these new facilities, becoming a new natural shortcut in the city.

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