We are happy to present you the Milan Competition Process we were involved thanks to our great Friends at BIG. We developed two aerial views along with an eye level.

The whole set had two main aims which were:

  1. To introduce the building in the new development area working together with the other iconic buildings and giving a combined solid image to the city along with them.
  2. To express how this enormous structure meets the human scale in a kind and light way.

For the first assignment we had a preliminary phase observing Milan Skyline Site photos and trying to learn about their color, depth and mist in order to represent it in the proper way.

We didn’t have the perfect Drone Photo to match as this is an under-development area, so most of the closest environment had to be built in pure 3D and then, make it work with the site photos we were provided with. So it was a challenge but it was really exciting as it involved two processes:

  • Post production work to make the site photos work together with the light and color of our concept.
  • Pure 3D work to build a neighbor environment that could look consistent and working on a natural way with the rest of the elements.

So, our team split in two lines, one in charge of making the Aerial views work together as a perfect addressed set and other one with the commission of taking the building to the ground and make its footprint welcoming and work together with the park.

The result, my friends is up to you in this post. For us it was a great pleasure to be part of this adventure along with our colleagues at BIG and enjoy the ride that took us to such an interesting architectural development set in Milan.