James Turrell and Schmidt Hammer Lassen are collaborating together to design the new extension to the Aros Museum in Denmark. The project, named ‘the next level’ will feature a 1,200 sqm subterranean gallery and two semi-subterranean art installations by Turrell – ‘the sphere’ and ‘the dome’ – all of which would be integrated into the museum’s existing building fabric.
ARoS Aarhus Art Museum in Denmark, headed by its visionary director Erland G. Høyersten, has revealed an ambitious expansion plan aiming to bring the museum into the world elite of modern art museums. The Next Level expansion project is leading art towards new ways of expressions and content with an exciting collaboration with World famous American artist, James Turrell. The new extension to the museum will contain a 1,200 m² subterranean gallery and two semi-subterranean art installations The Sphere and The Dome.
From ancient times, the dome appears to be in Architecture a general symbol, signifying power, the royal city and the focal point of assembly. Architects in Christian and Muslim countries succeeded in building majestic churches and mosques with a dome, becoming master pieces admired by their beauty. Today, The Dome at ARoS, with its 40 meters in diameter will form one of the most spectacular spaces ever built into an art museum.
The new extension connects to the existing building, visitors will access the underground artwork via the current special exhibition foyer.
The Next Level project is organized as a horizontal travel through a series of galleries and spaces that complement the disposition of ARoS as we know it today with about 1/3 of its floors located fully or partially below ground. The Next Level project allows you to make a journey in a completely new dimension, a horizontal travel that brings the visitor into a string of galleries and exhibition spaces. It stretches almost 120 meters below the surface out to the last space of The Dome.
We have to admit that facing a project that mixes Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects and American artist James Turrell in the new Aros Museum extension gives your job an extra responsibility. You have to verify that there is a right alignment between your imagery and James distinctive Ganzfelds and installations.
We hope we made justice to him and also to our good friends at Schmidt Hammer Lassen.