Schmidt Hammer Lassen´s design proposal for the new ambitious Nanhai Cultural Center sits in the heart of the south Chinese city of Foshan. Located 45km West of Guangzhou, where the city is aiming to create a combination of Library, Arts, Education and Cultural performance space in the heart of Foshan’s existing Thousand Lantern Lake Park designed by US Landscape Architects SWA.
The project is formed by five crystal shaped marble clad volumes that come together to form a singular development representing the cultural heart of the city’s urban core.
The resulting composition of buildings creates a large-scale shaded urban park that can host a series of external activities.
Their proposal aims to create a shaded space that will encourage activity to happen during the day and to also complement the active programs in the Library, the Museum, and the Exhibition and Education spaces.
The site for the project is located adjacent to the Qiandeng Lake Park which forms an important green space in the city. As a popular destination for the community, the park provides large areas of shaded areas where a variety of outdoor public activities and events take place. Our proposal aims to extend these park activities into the site and accommodate a variety of cultural, civic and social programs for the community.

We are proud to present our last collaboration with SHL Architects.
Obviously this mix between some giant gem-shaped volumes and the reinterpretation of the sandcrawlers could only bring some impressive pictures.
Yes, we really love drama…and we are back on the block.