Yes, we love interiors. This is a nice set of views we produce for OECO, the building is an engineering school placed over a dense vegetation area. The concept of the project is that the building starts from the ground and rolls itself around a patio to create, at the end, an overhang above the main entrance. Which is the place we are standing right now, the Hall of the main entrance. There is a forest on the north of the plot, and somehow we wanted this to be present in the interior view as well as it is on the exteriors. That is why we placed the long shadow of the trees as the main character. It helped us to filter the light and create the beautiful contrast of the whole area. When it comes to interiors, it is always a question of balance: so we try to use just a couple of colors in different tones and values to keep it simple and controlled. The set has another exterior view on a dusk mood which has also a hint of this warm interior glow. We invite you to take a look at it as well, since this is a really nice project from our French friends at OECO.


Oeco Architectes



Oeco Architectes