Schmidt Hammer Lassen with Gottlieb Paludan have won a competition for Shenzhen East WastetoEnergy Plant.
From the outset, the goal was to design a waste-to-energy plant that is simple, clean, iconic and a deserved indicator of the forward thinking developments that are being made within the waste-to-energy sector in China, and how this can be portrayed not only to the surrounding residents of Shenzhen but to the world. By proposing a clean circular form, the footprint of the plant is controlled and reduces the amount of excavation required to build on the site. When complete, the Waste-to-Energy plant will be the largest of its kind in the world.
he scheme organizes the entire plant, including auxiliary buildings, into one circular building – breaking with the traditional rectangular layout of industrial facilities.
Public visitors are invited into the plant through a landscaped park, via an entrance bridge that rises between the stacks to an entrance lobby and visitor centre overlooking the plant machinery.
The 66,000m2 roof is designed to be covered by up to 44,000m2 of photovoltaic panels providing the opportunity for the plant to not only provide a cleaner way to deal with the city’s waste but also contribute to the renewable energy provision for the city.

We immediately fell in love with this project. It was a tight deadline just before these last Christmas, the last one of the year…We decided to delay a bit our winter holidays because we saw an awesome project on it. We loved the brutal scale, monumentality and that kind of “sci-fi” feeling it has. Also thought that it had a wise relation between form and use.
We did our part in a really creative freedom ambiance as always happens with our friends of SHL and now it seems that the competition is won and that it will be the Largest Waste-to-Energy Plant in the World.
Champagne for everyone…