When it comes the time to build an architectural animation, B&TB’s insight always try to bring on something more than the common places we are used to see in the industry. We decline the perfect A, B, C in order to explore a more cinematographic approach.

In our first contact with the building, we try to undress the project from its uses and location, and then study the shapes and volumes of the piece itself to get a better comprehension of the whole object. Once we are aware of the geometrical behavior of the building we can choose the best strategies to describe it in terms of lighting and angles to explore.

Next station: the skin. Other important fact of the narrative in the process is related to the materialization of the object. So analyzing the skin and its behavior is other fundamental part of our creative process, as it will lead us to choose the lighting in the different shots according to the rough or smooth character of the envelope.

In parallel to his physical research, there is a fundamental work line in relation to the uses and the function of the building… the storytelling. And this is probably the most important issue we are dealing with when starting an animation project. The formal study of the building is essential, but how do you want to present it to the observer is the crux of the matter. This is our key point, and our cinematographic background always pulls the strings in this part of the process. So when you watch a B&TB animation, you can be sure you will be watching a micro short film, because that is the way we will craft it.