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Víctor Bonafonte

Víctor Bonafonte
Founder, Architect, Illustrator

Victor founded B&TB in a room at home years ago. From that moment the company has evolved towards what it is today. He prefers to gather inspiration from cinema, painting, traditional photography, videogames and concept art instead of architectural visualization. Positively he hates the word “render”. While he´s not taking care of business he enjoys playing his collection of guitars.

Lina Garau

Lina Garau
Founder, CFO

Lina started this wonderful adventure with Victor from the very beginning. She is the genius in the shadows and takes care of the clients, administration, booking and the team´s morale wearing always a big and lovely smile on her face. She loves reading, hiking and visiting her hometown in the mountains of Mallorca.

Eva Bonafonte

Eva Bonafonte
Architect, Illustrator

Previously to B&TB Eva worked as a successful architect until she discovered the real thing. Serious, tenacious and conscientious, she is the studio´s early bird. When she´s not scattering geometry she loves being with her son, running and reading fashion magazines.


Jesinalbert Gómez
Architect, Illustrator

If you want to work with an always positive minded guy, Jesi is your man. The scourge of bad compositions, the good taste officer, the pride of Venezuela. He loves videogames, concept art, matte painting dogs and sugar. Don´t trespass Jesi´s kitchen corner if you don´t wanna be at risk of diabetic coma.


Martin Jario
Illustrator, Eskrima Master

Digital sculptor deep inside his heart, Martin is B&TB B.A. Baracus. Solid as a rock and with a methodical mind will drive flawlessly the image from A to B without a question. When he´s not messing around with the vizbiz he is into Martial Arts.


Braulio Lozano
Architect, Illustrator, The boy from Rosarito

From hot and spicy Tijuana to sunny Madrid, our new Mexican fellow is an impassive man. Never breaks under pressure no matter how much stressy is the task. A healthy guy who doesn´t drink or smoke. He ís still discovering spanish rich gastronomy.

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