As you may know my friends, here at B&TB we are all animals. That is why sometimes we love to behave like them and explore. Take a trip to the jungle and let us be surprised by what we can achieve during the journey.

In this case we wanted to have fun with this experimental exercise. So all the team got involved and got represented by its own avatar. An animal avatar that could have a link with our own personalities or even our own internal personal relationships.

And this is the result of this really fun process: our kind of funko-alter egos, messing around at the studio. We managed to have a Z-Brush Artist on board (big thanks @chema_dieguez), which helped us to give birth to the little creatures. They came to this world all naked and made out of paper, so then the team started to provide them with a nice and beautiful skin. Once they were ready, they started to have their own personality and begin to take control of their own world where we try to keep them locked up. Because well, you know what they say, keep away from animals.