This nice project was developed by White Arkitekter, and they let us in to help them out with this view. The scope was to show this small community in the middle of the city and the main brief was: cozy look.
So we prepared this early dusk set to let this is a small cluster of houses glow with a warm and welcoming mood. The small shops on the ground floor and the Art Cafe helped out to communicate the vibrant feeling and the kind of lighthouse this cluster can be for the district. The beautiful reddish colors which match with the neighborhood buildings helped out to create an interesting color contrast with the moody sky while the warmer tones of the last sun rays are balanced with the inner lights of the building. Perfect place to live, don’t you think?

From a while back there was this idea in the Studio of crafting cool sketches portraying some projects from our awesome clients in a parallel universe, an alternate reality, in which we could put in practice anything we could imagine and try to take a fresh peek on those projects. The main aim here is having fun, so here it is the alternative image from the What If? Series.


White Arkitekter



White Arkitekter