Insomniacs Waltz

We are happy to present our new short film: Insomniacs Waltz.
It is a joy when happy accidents like this one happen. In Beauty and The Bit we have always been standard bearers of passion projects and this one is no exception. It all started as an experimental project in which Victor wanted to test Raytracing and crafting the movie in UnrealEngine and modeling in Blender. That was the pretext for what was about to come, a new proper film.
The idea was to instill a 50-square-meter apartment its own personality and let it breathe and communicate its own story. We continued as we did in LANDMARK, later in REBIRTH and what will arrive with ENTER THE RABBIT HOLE: giving architectural communication a deeper message than following a pdf manual for connecting dots to get that perfect image.
Sometimes things don´t need to be perfect and Insomniacs Waltz speaks precisely about that: Imperfection.
Definitely a piece not suitable for all audiences but at the same time brutally personal.
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Beauty and The Bit




Beauty and The Bit